Carol Grimes is a Performer, Singer-Songwriter, Performance Poet, Voice Movement Therapist and Musical Director of the Sing for Joy Choirs, for people with Neurological and other conditions. She has performed both in the UK and Internationally with her own Music and other Contemporary composers and as a Voice Movement Therapist.

In 1969, she joined the band Delivery and recorded one album before departing for a solo career (before embarking on a solo career proper, however, she was also a member of short-lived musical unit Uncle Dog, recording an album with them entitled Old Hat which was released in 1972). Her debut solo album, Warm Blood (1974), was recorded with members of Area Code 615 and the Average White Band. She recorded her second album in Memphis, Tennessee, with the Brecker BrothersDonald "Duck" Dunn, and The Memphis Horns. She founded the band Eyes Wide Open in 1984. Her career expanded into teaching and working in musical theatre. In the 1990s, she worked with the contemporary ‘classical’ choir The Shout.


"Carol Grimes has a fascinating story to tell. She also has a command of shaping and delivering words, a performance sense, and the musical and human depth and warmth to really make something of this. The story pulls in songs that reference times of her life. This project has such a strong heart, it really could go anywhere as it develops. Dorian Ford has no music, just her words in front of him. His ability to match mood or word with chord or line, to evoke the ghosts of songs past is a revelation too.”


Review by Sebastian Scotney, London Jazz News









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